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Vajdasági Tehetségsegítő Tanács

About us


Talent Supporting Council of Vojvodina


The council of talented people in Vojvodina was formed on November the 5th, 2010 in order  to construct the gifted peoples society of Vojvodina and to promote the connection between the Talent points in Vojvodina. Currently it has 21 registered talent points, which means co-operation with 1600 gifted students. The program based on the improvement of gifted students is discussed on the annual general meeting and it contains the membership. The improvement program is organized in various talent areas including students from elemetary and secondary school. The activities are in areas such as natural science, social science, visual education and the art of music, and are organised in study groups, summer camps and competitions. In the past four years, we organized the Talent day of Vojvodina, where especially gifted students with hungarian mothertongue are introduced and have chance to prove their talent. The council of talented people in Vojvodina also had a publication in 2014 by introducing the work. Our target is to recognize the real talents and help them  to develop.

In Vojvodina the registered  Talent points are active since 2008 within the framework of educational institutions and associations. Since 2010 the Talent points are organized into mains. Due to Hungarian support and co-operation, numerous achievments  were accomplished.

The aim of the Talent Supporting Council of Vojvodina is to promote talented elementary, secondary school children and talented students in higher education.

The Talent Supporting Council of Vojvodina has the following aims:

  • Recognition, selection, identification, continuous development and support of talents.
  • Rewarding the talents and their mentors in the form of scholarships and awards.
  • Expanding the framework of self-development efforts, networking, self-organizations, social responsibility of the talented young people.
  • Providing input and coordinating with ongoing talent support efforts at Vojvodina’s government, municipal, church and NGO level. 
  • Providing input and making suggestions in order to improve talent support based on results of studies mapping the efficient use of targeted resources.
  • Providing input and making suggestions for legislative, organizational and professional solutions promoting talent support.
  • Promoting national and cross-border talent support cooperation.
  • Distributing results of the national talent support efforts, coordinating the Talent Points.
    - Organizing trainings, conferences, talent days, talent festivals.

    - Organizing national and international field trips.
    - Formulating and supporting programs raising awareness and promoting the social recognition of the support of talents.
  • Making professional and partner contact between institutions involved in talent support both with both government and NGO background.
  • Cooperating with and providing counselling for the parents.

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